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tv   [untitled]    June 13, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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deck railing facing the appellant's property plaline. >> facing the lake well. >> facing like well -- light well. facing the appellant's light well. how much lettuce? >> lettuce up to 6 feet. >> that is from the deck floor. >> yes. >> 42 inch solid railing and up to 6 feet lattice. ok. motion with commissioner hillis. >> commissioner hillis. >> we have a motion from commthis appeal, uphold the per,
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with the following conditions, that the windows on the second and third floor in the light well defrosted. that the fourth floor deck railing the 42 inches celebrating the end up to 6 feet -- solid that railing and up to 6 feet lattice. >> it is a minimum of 6 feet. >> of 42 inch solid railing. minimum 6 feet lattice. ok. on that motion, a vice- president. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> the boat is -- vote is 4-0.
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>> thank you. we can return to item nine. that is appeal 12-055. >> thank you. thank you for your patience. the parties have come to an agreement. we will explain the elements of the design. >> we discussed it in the hallway. while we still feel it was not approved >> we have agreed to go with exhibits c, which is a combination of the two proposals. this is exhibit c.
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it reduces the size of the deck on this corner. the one thing we are adding to it, this is a little better, is to make the deck symmetrical on both sides. to balance it on the other side and still allow a place for them to have a barbecue. this protection is only 16 inches. on this elevation, it is 6 feet or less high. we are going to work that out. the bottom of the wall is going to line with the windows -- allign with the wind as. the goal is to minimize the screen.
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>> just a clarification, it is this dryinawing that satisfy our needs and estimations. it is the sideline, not depicted -- sight line, exactly where the permit holder has drawn the person with the view. that view is blocked by the proposed wall and stops at this. it affectively eliminates any of the view into the bedroom. that is quite satisfactory for us. on the height, we have agreed it will be 6 feet or less. less than 6 feet will give us
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sufficient protection. neither one of us wanted to be that high. we have an agreement it will be 6 feet. >> up to 6 feet. >> yes, up to 6 feet. >> this is based on this geometry we have. if somebody were to lean over, or to go to extreme measures. >> i think we have enough explanation. do you want me to make the motion? i am going to move to grant the appeal, issued a permit on the condition that the quarterdeck -- corner deck is shortened and
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a small wall is added. >> i believe there was an addition on the other side of the deck they were requesting. >> that is going to be based upon their application with the building department. >> instead of a revision. >> why do we not just make it? >> we should. and the deck has been increased on the opposite side to create a symmetrical look. i do not think we want to make them come back. >> that is consistent with the plan. i would like to have those submitted, the drawing you showed us. so we have something to
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reference. >> ok. >> as exhibit c. is that on the basis of the agreement of the parties? >> yes. >> thank you. looks great.
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ho>> we have a motion from the vice-president to grant this appeal, uphold the permit with conditions stated in the record with a reference to an exhibit say -- which are referenced in exhibit c and shown in this of middlsubmittal as amended by ha. this is done on the basis of agreement between the parties. on that motion, to uphold this
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condition -- >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> the vote, 4-0, this permit is upheld. >> there is no further business. >> the meeting is adjourned.
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